Player to Player 

About Us

Having been raised in a soccer-loving family, Daniel Gonzalez has always loved the game of soccer. He knows first-hand the passion and discipline it fosters in players. This love of the sport prompted him and his brother to want to make a difference with those who are not as fortunate to have cleats and soccer equipment. Realizing that even small actions can have profound effects, they chose to help young soccer players in some of the poorest areas of the world and in their own community.  

Pairing up the need for cleats with the supply of young players who have outgrown their soccer shoes resulted in the creation of PlayerToPlayer. Now with the support of local teams, clubs and organizations, PlayerToPlayer continues to send hundreds of cleats around the world to locations such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Trinidad, Argentina and right here in the United States. 


President - Daniel Gonzalez

​Vice-President - Joaquin Real

College Outreach- Peter Gonzalez

Advisory Council:

Frankie de la Camara

Christina Gonzalez

Sylvie Galvez-Cuesta